Sustainable Innovations

An ambitious industrial ecopark targeting carbon-neutral status

More than 1.6 million sq. ft. targeting Zero-Carbon Building (ZCB) Certification, Design and Performance.

Energy Costs 58%

Significant savings in annual energy costs

Material carbon 60%

Reduction in material carbon emissions compared with the threshold set by the ZCB Design standard

Greenhouse gas emissions 97%

Ambitious reduction in annual energy-related GHG emissions

Combining energy efficiency, environmental protection and mixed uses

Energy Performance

Use of efficient mechanical systems that include heat pumps, coupled with a strategy of enhanced airtightness and building-envelope insulation, can reduce heating consumption by more than 75% and yearly cooling consumption by 30%.

Renewable energy production

With onsite renewable energy production, this project is a resilient ecopark. A total of 750 solar panels installed across the site will generate 5% of the energy consumed in the buildings.

Water-resource optimization

The site uses a global strategy for reduction of potable water use both inside and outside the buildings. Rainwater is recovered, stored and reused to cover 50% of plumbing fixtures’ water consumption.

Development of a carbon strategy

Targeting the most ambitious carbon certification, this one-of-a-kind site is innovating by exceeding the thresholds required by Zero-Carbon Building, Design and Performance.

The site will achieve a zero-carbon footprint by documenting that its buildings have had no impact on the climate during a full year of operation.

By achieving stringent standards for embodied carbon in building materials as well as energy efficiency, and by offsetting the remaining GHG emissions, the site will be carbon neutral.